We are building a new outpatient and daycare unit to be called the PACT and Westfield Health Oncology and Haematology Centre

As a regional centre for cancer treatment for children, Sheffield Children’s Hospital has outgrown its facilities. PACT and the Hospital will be building a new state of the art facility.

The facility has been designed based on input from clinicians, social workers, the PACT team, and other parents and patients and will have everything families need for their medical and emotional care.

Firstly, the clinic will have 3 times the current floorspace and inspiring views over Weston Park. The size will give patients and families the space to move about and better privacy, and the views will be a great help as many families will be spending a lot of their time at the clinic for up to three years.

The facility will be self-contained with its own access. This means that day care and inpatients will be in the same facility so can be transferred easily if their condition changes, and that both inpatients and day care patients have ready access to the same support services. As it is self-contained, it also means that patients will be separated from the rest of the hospital and there will be less risk of picking up infections from other hospital patients – which is always a concern for immuno-suppressed cancer patients.

It’s purpose built so it has the right facilities. It has 5 times the treatment space of our current clinic, a large family room for inpatients and day care patients, and space for PACT staff, social workers and clinicians. The layout has also been designed so that parents with emotional news don’t have to go past other patients and parents after counselling or clinical review, giving families time to collect their thoughts.

That’s the hard part – designing a facility that really meets the needs of patients and families. This is a once in a generation opportunity and a huge amount of expertise has gone into the design.