Why It’s So Great

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Some of the benefits of the new Day Care Cancer Centre

  • Integrated inpatients and clinic

    Enabling rapid transfer of children from clinic to inpatients if needed, and ensuring all children can benefit from the entertainment/play facilities.

  • Dedicated access

    Protects immune-suppressed cancer patients as they don’t have to share access with infectious patients.

  • Separate area for teenagers

    Recognising the different needs of different age children.

  • Over 3 times the floorspace

    Sufficient space for patients, carers and siblings, creating a more relaxed environment.

  • Inspiring view over Weston Park

    Children (and families) can spend months at a time in the Unit. Providing inspiring decor and views is a great help to wellbeing.

  • Better flow and privacy

    Additional counselling rooms provide more privacy. Location of counselling rooms means families don’t need to walk past others after their counselling sessions, giving families time to collect their thoughts.

  • Fully integrated team

    PACT staff, social workers and clinicians will all have space at the unit so families can get all the support they need in one place.