Mrs Karen Shaw


I am Karen Shaw, mother to Nicole Jade Shaw who unfortunately lost her battle against AML in March 2006. Beryl from PACT was one of the first people to approach my husband and I when Nicole was first admitted to the ward M3 in October 2001. When our worst nightmare had just become reality, Beryl, amongst others, did everything in her power to make this journey as bearable as possible in any way she could. PACT provides such prevalent support to children and their families who find themselves in this whirlwind of terror, apprehension and uncertainty. After our devastating loss I knew in my heart that Nicole would have wanted me to be involved with PACT as she saw Beryl as a friend and understood the fantastic work that PACT do. I would have been failing myself and, more importantly, Nicole had I not taken the opportunity to be involved in PACT and I am so glad that I did.

Without the continued efforts of the PACT committee and outstanding work and effort given by Beryl and Jill, families would lose this opportunity for their minds to be taken to a better place when families go on trips, Christmas parties or to the caravans. The facility of PACT house is simply a blessing in disguise for families who do not live in the vicinity of the Hospital. For me it is a privilege to be a part of PACT and I am so proud of all of the children who have to face this terrible illness with such courage and innocence.