Caitlin raises over £1,000 for PACT

Caitlin Padgett and her brother NathanCaitlin Padgett is 16 and she shaved her head for PACT and The Little Princess Trust during her Year Eleven leavers prom at the end of June at the Brooklands Hotel in Barnsley.

She actually raised a massive £2,545.66 for both charities therefore for PACT she handed over a grand total of £1,367.56. After living with her brother Nathan whilst he has had over 3 years chemotherapy treatment for Leukaemia as well as knowing a good friend with alopecia for two years Caitlin says

“I know just how much having no hair can affect someone’s life. It seems like a simple thing, but its all about having the confidence in yourself and having no confidence can really bring you down. I want to shave my head to show my empathy to those who lose their hair without choice, when sometimes, it never comes back.”

The money Cailtin raises will benefit 2 charities PACT and Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust is a charity that makes real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss.

“I will be donating the longer lengths of my hair that are cut off first to this charity for wig making. It will make me feel happy that my hair can be used to help a child regain their confidence and self esteem. My hair will grow back. I know it may take a couple of years to grow to the same length, but some children like my friend with alopecia may never grow back.”