Darfield Cricket Club raise £1,000 for PACT

During a cricket meeting the committee decided to raise money for the club and charities, they decided on the British Heart Foundation and PACT as these two charities are very close to Darfield Cricket Club’s hearts and they wanted to do their part by helping so as a club they decided to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

They already have two days booked a year for the two charities; Mick Savage Final Day where they raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Ritchie Taylor Day where they raise money for PACT. So the choice of charities was difficult but these two meant a lot to them as a club.

On Saturday 2nd April they set off from Darfield CC at 4:30am and set off walking at 7:00am, there were 35 members of the club that took part in the walk and they were aged between 9-53 years old doing a 26 mile trek. The weather was horrible all day sometimes you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, gale force winds, mist, snow, rain and NO sunshine what so ever. There was a lot of boggy areas on the walk with climbs up difficult cliff faces, steep steps which had small waterfalls coming down them as there was that much rain fall. This made the walk very difficult and 17 people completed the full 26 miles. The first person completed the walk in just over 9 hours and the last person came in within the 11 hours (you have 12 hour time scale to complete the walk).

They arrived back at Darfield CC at 9:30pm and it was a very long tough day but the money they raised was well worth it and the club and all the members who took part can hold their heads high and be proud.

Darfield CC managed to raise £3,021.46 and have donated £1,000 to the British Heart Foundation and PACT; the remaining £1,021.46 goes towards food, drinks, van hire for the day and the rest will go to help support Darfield CC throughout the cricket season.


In the picture are Beryl Welburn from PACT with Tom, Waza and a young fighter who has had lots of help from PACT Jacob Thewlis.