EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Please see below a letter that will be sent out at the beginning of next week to registered Pact families. You can book on before you receive your letter by emailing the office with the details we need. We are unable to book your slot any other way.
There may also be a surprise visit from a very special person.
Dear Friends of Pact
As you know this Christmas will be very different to any we have had before and it will be very different depending where you are on your journey.
For those of you that have had a previous Christmas experience with Pact you will know that we take the teenagers Christmas bowling and for the younger ones we have a traditional Christmas party. Sadly, this year none of these will go ahead like the many other events we had planned but we still want to try and make it a special occasion for you all.
We would like to invite you to a Christmas bingo zoom day on Sunday 13th December. Each session will be limited to 20 households so we can hear you shout when you win! Each slot will last approximately 30 mins. If you would like to book onto a session then please email the office on scn-tr.pact@nhs.net with the following information
Your name
Your children’s full names and ages
Contact number
Time slot
The bingo will be picture related so can be done with the little ones too and each session will have the chance to win prizes.
We hope you will join us for a bit of light-hearted fun, your bingo card will be included with your letter. It is open to all registered PACT families. Once you have registered to take part you will be sent the joining instructions via email.
We hope you all have the best Christmas under the circumstances and always remember we are only a phone call away.