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In lots of cases local hospitals are unable to provide the specialist care essential for the treatment of children with complex and life threatening illnesses such as cancer. This is where specialist regional centres like Sheffield step in.

The good news is that these centres have fantastic medical services for the children. The challenge is that children may have to stay there for days, weeks, or months at a time, making it difficult for parents to travel to the hospital repeatedly, and find places to eat, sleep, and shower whilst looking after their sick child at a very frightening time for everyone.

This is where PACT House fits in. We have a house minutes from the hospital with five en suite bedrooms, a Parents lounge, a communal kitchen a games room and a playroom and it has been in continuous use since 1998. This means that we can keep families together and give them a respite from the stress of hospital. There is also a facility to cook if you are not staying at Pact House.