Lucy’s Poem – Smile


Nurses Doctors they’re all new faces,
Going to lots of medical places.

Advice to cure you every day,
A smile saying thank you goes a long way.

Although treatments not nice it’s just for the best,
Even if it might take a lot of bed rest.

With all the needles going in and out,
So many drugs it’s hard to count.

It’s always nice to hold mum and dad’s hand,
So take a deep breath and have a firm stand.

It certainly isn’t right to lose your hair,
Especially when people watch and stare.

Sometimes you don’t know what to do,
But there’s always someone to comfort you.

There’s always one family you’ll never forget,
And mine’s a family I’m proud to have met.

The last injection is great, wait and see,
Because then you know you’re finally free.

So when the journey has come to an end,
I’ll take away some happy memories and a lot of good friends.


By Lucy Jones, age 13