Lindsey Thompson

Lindsey has been married to Carl for 21 years and has 2 children, Ellie (20) and Josh (18)
She says “when Ellie was 8 years old she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), she was on a cocktail of drugs including chemotherapy and spent lots of time at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
Ellie had only been diagnosed 2 days when Beryl came and introduced herself and told us all the wonderful ways that PACT could support us as a family and knowing she had been through the same experience as us meant so much.
We have been so grateful for all the support both during and after treatment and that is why I decided to become a trustee and I look forward to working as part of a team to keep the wonderful work going and to explore new ways in which we can help families during this difficult time”