Proposed changes to our constitution

Dear PACT members

We want to make some administrative changes to the Constitution. The Constitution is the document that contains the rules and instructions that are recorded with the Charity Commission, it governs how the PACT charity is run and how the Charity operates.

The changes detailed below are to Section 5 of the Constitution document. They are relevant to the numbers of Trustees and Medical Trustees of the Charity and will read as follows

Section 5

“The number of Trustees of the Association shall not be less than 9 and no more than 14. The Trustees of the Association shall consist of minimum 1 Medical Trustee together with the duly elected Trustees who form the Committee of the Association.

The Medical Trustee will be eligible for appointment by virtue of holding the title of either Consultant Paediatric Oncologist or Consultant Paediatric Haematologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital – or other such title which is approved by the Trustees.“

The changes shall be voted for at the AGM on October 1st 2020 and as long as there are two thirds of those present in favour of the changes then these amendments to Section 5 will be notified to the Charity Commission.

The AGM is an opportunity for our members to decide if they would like to put themselves forward to serve as a Trustee for PACT and help the Charity to move forward and continue the work that supports and serves our members. If you think that you might like to serve as a Trustee,  please look at the Charity Commission website where you will find lots of information about what will be expected of you and what your responsibilities and duties will be. The Charity Commission has excellent online training which will help you.

It is important to understand that there are legal restrictions on who may be a Charity Trustee and some people are disqualified by law from acting as a Trustee, including anyone described in sections 178 to 180 of the Charities Act 2011.

If you are thinking about becoming a PACT Trustee please contact the office for further information and the opportunity to arrange to have an informal chat with one of our Trustees.

You can read the final 2020 version of the PACT Constitution as a PDF file.