The PACT Round Robin Challenge

Round Robin ChallengeOn 15 April 2013 Richard Sharpe, Andrew Sharpe, Robert Sharpe and Martyn Rhodes from PACT set off from Sheffield Children’s Hospital to drive down to Land’s End, then up to John O’Groats and back to Sheffield in three Reliant Robins.

Their goal was to raise £30,000 to provide a new caravan by the seaside at Filey for use by PACT families whose children are under treatment for tumours and leukaemia at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Children like Richard’ son Archie who is undergoing treatment for leukaemia, suffer from very low immune systems, which mean they cannot go into public places, never mind go on holiday. So please help support the Round Robin Challenge and give a sick child the chance to go on holiday with their family.

The team returned to Sheffield Childrens Hospital in the afternoon on Friday 19th April after many adventures and a few mishaps en route. The amount they have raised so far is just over £25,000.