PACT was founded in 1977 – with a donation of £113 – when eight parents created a support group for families whose children had cancer. PACT started raising funds for a Christmas party and a summer trip for the children. The charity expanded its remit to include children with leukaemia in 1978 and, as funds were secured, services grew to include new ideas like the provision of equipment and facilities for families.

Over the last 40 years PACT has continued to raise money to help support the families, and increasingly to support the ward and clinic at the hospital.

We own and run a house in Sheffield right next to the Sheffield Childrens Hospital.

We provide practical support by purchasing equipment for the ward, school room and clinic and for the community nurses who look after the children in their own homes.

Every year we provide trips and treats for the children and their families and we own two caravans – one in Filey for children who are on treatment and unable to travel far and one in Berwick-on-Tweed for the use of families who are off treatment. These facilities provide a welcome opportunity for a holiday break and some quality family time.

We know how families can often struggle financially during this time and where possible we provide breakfast and lunch for the Parents who’s children are inpatients. We also provide a treat trolley for the children where the children can choose two items free of charge.

We offer our support to every family who is referred to the Oncology unit at Sheffield Childrens Hospital and whose child has cancer or leukemia irrespective of where they live. Our help continues when the child is in remission or even if the child does not survive and it only stops when the child moves on to adult services.

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