Beryl Welburn PACT Coordinator

Beryl has worked at Pact for many years and coordinates the day to day running of the Charity. She has first hand experience of what Parents are going through as her own daughter had leukaemia aged four, she is now in her thirties with two children of her own.

Sarah Harrison Assistant PACT Coordinator

Sarah supports Beryl do the day to day running of the Charity, she has been involved with Pact for nearly three years but became a permanent member of the team in February 2019. Sarah also manages all social media platforms.

Nicola Brown Clerical Officer

Nicola has been at PACT since October 2018. Nicola’s responsibilities is the day to day running of the office, answering the phones and all administrative duties within the office.

Julie Connelly Housekeeper

Julie has been at PACT for a number of years and is the housekeeper of PACT House. Julie ensures that it is always ready to welcome new families should the need arise.