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Cancer and its impact on everyday life can be a hard thing to understand at any age, particularly so when you’re young. Lack of knowledge can often make the cancer experience more scary and uncertain – but there are reliable sources of information available to help people affected by cancer to understand it better.

When a pupil of a school is diagnosed with cancer, other children often want to learn more about the disease to gain a better understanding of what their classmate is going through.


To find out more information about Childhood Cancer please visit the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)


The CCLG has some fantastic information available for download on its website, a great first start for teachers, families and children wanting to know more about cancer. This includes:

  • Illustrated booklets for children about types of cancer and treatments
  • Resources for school staff for when children return to school after or even during treatment
  • Other booklets and leaflets for children and adults on issues including radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants, clinical trials, follow-up care, and life after cancer