Royal Bank of Scotland team help out at PACT House

A team of people from the Royal Bank of Scotland came up to PACT House on the 7th September to help out and they did a fantastic job clearing the garden and pricing and sorting out Christmas Cards.

They all seemed to enjoy themselves and Diane Burns on behalf of the team said : “I think I can speak on behalf of the team when I say we were not entirely sure of what to expect from the day at PACT but once there we where overwhelmed with the work the team do, not only in the house but at the hospital and on the charity days.  The people are very dedicated to what they are doing and this was evidenced when talking to them, you could feel their passion in the stories they told us.

When we all walked up to the house and peeked into the gardens we all said oh wow there’s not a lot that needed doing in the garden, well how wrong were we!  8 bin bags later and the garden was looking superb.  Let us not forget the shop girls in the shed sorting and pricing the Christmas cards!  By taking the time to sort and price these it allowed the staff at PACT to do other things.

The highlight of my day was seeing Hazel with the jet wash!!  The look of determination and joy on her face.  She had gone from a girly girl with pink gloves on doing the garden to ‘let’s get dirty’ with the jet wash !

I refer to the saying ‘ But for the grace of God go I’ we all have problems in the world but seeing the families and the children in PACT made me feel grateful for the life I have and my problems are nothing in comparison.”