The PACT Rose is still available!

Did you now that there was a PACT Rose? The rose has been grown at Handley Rose and Plant Nurseries, Middle Handley S21, by Andrew and Tracy Lund. The rose was bred by local rose breeder Bob Webster five years ago to sell at the nursery which sells around 200 varieties of rose.

The PACT rose is an exquisitely delicate yet hardy single open flower floribunda rose with peachy-pink petals and tints of yellow. It is a very fragrant English rose suitable for both cottage gardens and patios. It enjoys full sunshine and grows to 3ft maximum. The rose is perfect for any garden, small or large and ideal as a gift for friends and relatives. The rose can also be bought as a bare root and posted anywhere in the UK between November and March.

You can order the PACT rose or find out more from the Handleys’ website or ring them on 01246 432921. The nursery is open from 09:00 to 17:00 but is closed on Wednesdays.

The price is £10 for each rose with £5.00 from every sale going to PACT.

Below (left to right) are Andrew and Tracy Lund of Handley Rose and Plant Nurseries, Bob Webster who originally bred the rose and PACT trustee Sarah Turpin when they planted the first ever PACT rose at PACT House in 2010.

PACT rose